Is Everyone Ready for the New Year? - Log & Links #5

Happy New Year! Wishing you an amazing 2024 filled with joy and love. Isn't it amazing that January 1st landed on a Monday? I prefer Monday start in my planners and just looking at the week is so satisfying.

The guests have gone home, the leftovers are dwindling, and it's time to get back into a rhythm. I've spent the last two evenings catching up on everyone's Planner Line-up / Techo Kaigi via blogs and YouTube. It's fun to see all the hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year. I wish everyone success! A bit of housekeeping:
I didn't mean for there to be so many "Logs & Links" posts in a row. I suppose that's what I get for starting the blog right before Thanksgiving. At least, there are many other writers/creators putting great things out there and I get to share them! I promise to have more actual posts written up and ready to go in the new year (there's a spreadsheet of over a hundred ideas and 5 current drafts, just haven't been able to finish them...yet!). Seriously need to get around to taking photos too.

What I used this week:

14 "Morning Pages" written in a "Shooting for the Moon Land on the Stars" Journal
"F.R.I.E.N.D.S." Planner (2023)
Sterling Ink Common Planner Part Two (2023)
Minimalistic bullet journaling in a Carton Supply grid notebook (2024)
Sterling Ink Common Planner Traveler's Notebook Inserts (2024) Wanderings Traveler's Notebook Insert for memory keeping (2024)

Fountain Pens
Penlux Masterpiece Grande (Fine) with Noodler's Bulletproof Black Ink
Benu Scepter II (Extra Fine) with Pilot Blue Black Ink
Opus 88 Holiday Jazz (Extra Fine) with Private Reserve Ebony Green Ink 

Nail Art tweezers for placing stickers. Got it as a gift from my sister!

Wins this week:

Had a lovely holiday season and didn't procrastinate on the clean up! A bit of a late start on planner setup for 2024, but it's done. All is well.

Interesting stuff I found:

It's a new year! So naturally, everyone has reflections on the past, intentions for the future, and of course, ways to plan it. There were actually too many, so I've attempted to categorize and reduce them.

2023 Reviews and Reflections

Year in Review 2023 (L.C.Harper/ComfortableShoesStudio) - On un-learning and journaling or making art on a budget.

Sketching Review of 2023 (Liz Steel) - Kudos to Liz for finishing THIRTEEN sketchbooks in a year. Plus, additional "teaching" sketchbooks. And apparently, it's less than in previous years. They aren't even small ones. I aspire to be this prolific. Over 30 of them in 2019!? An inspiration!

2024 Goals and Intentions

Goal Setting for Artists in 2024 (Angela Fehr) - Starts with an inventory of the previous year and questions for setting intentions for the next year. This made me realize that 2023 was truly bereft of art making for me. Although I'm not focused on having an art career, this helped me recognize the areas I want to improve and to make space for them.

Intentions for 2024: Personal Reflections and Goals for the New Year (The Gentleman Stationer) - He mentions that he might be approaching a general "mission statement" for his site because of unchanging yearly intentions. I've never thought of it that way. If you have the same yearly intentions, could those be a distillation of your values?

2024 Stationery Intentions (A Gathering of Curiosities) - There's a list of "Pens, Inks, and Accessories of Interest" at the bottom (not a to-buy list). I also have a similar list, though I guess it's more like a stuff-I-want-to-try-but-can't-justify-shelling-out-money-for-it-since-I'm-not-sure-how-much-I'll-use-it list.

2024 Setups

2024 Bullet Journal Setup (InkJournal) - On their weekly pages, they mention that they give a star rating (1-5) to their day and then look for the patterns so that they can earn more 4–5-star days. This would be super useful for review time.

Free Printable 2024 Mini Calendars and January 2024 Dated Bullet Journal Free Printable (3YearsApart) - I would be remiss if I didn't mention the printables my sister made for bullet journal setups!


Thousands of Classic Films, Books, and Illustrations Just Entered the Public Domain (Colossal) - Mickey entering the public domain is all over the news, but there's tons of other awesome stuff too!

Don't Throw The Silica Packs Away (yet) (FountainPenChronicles) - I do the exact same thing! Especially after moving from a desert to the East Coast where the annual battle against humidity in the summer requires all the help it can get.


With Love,