Potential Planner Peace and a Perfectionist Quiz - Logs & Links #6

Behold, the newest addition to my desk! These adorable hugging ducks were a gift. Technically bookends, but I can't bear to separate them. Also, they kinda look like they could've been penguins.

It's' almost two weeks into the new year! How are you doing on their goals/resolutions/intentions? Did you set any? Speaking of which, I realize I never posted mine, so that'll be going up next week. Same for my 2024 planner lineup / techo kaigi, though that'll likely be the week after. The system has been going well. Surprisingly, almost exactly as predicted. Usually after changing up my planner, within a week or two there are things that I need to tweak, but so far so good. I think this is a good sign.

...Could it be? That elusive "planner peace!?"

What I used this week:

Paper 32 "Morning Pages" written

0 Sketchbook pages used :(

Minimalistic bullet journaling in a Carton Supply grid notebook

Sterling Ink Common Planner Traveler's Notebook Inserts Wanderings Traveler's Notebook Insert for memory keeping

Fountain Pens

Penlux Masterpiece Grande (Fine) with Noodler's Bulletproof Black Ink

Benu Scepter II (Extra Fine) with Pilot Blue Black Ink

Opus 88 Holiday Jazz (Extra Fine) with Private Reserve Ebony Green Ink (finished) and refilled with Private Reserve Midnight Blue Ink

Tools Claw-style Staple Remover - Seeing as I haven't figured out how to fix my Harinacs Stapleless Stapler, I guess I'm back to staplers and my trusty staple remover.

Amazon Basics Paper Shredder - Got this for Christmas a few years ago and it's still working great!

Wins this week:

Not something within my control, but we didn't get another power outage during another winter storm. Yay! We did prepare as thoroughly as we could though.

Also did my annual documents decluttering. A good chunk is now in a bag, ready for the shredder. A task for next week, probably.

Interesting stuff I found:

New Year's Resolution Planner: 50 Ideas to Help You Move Forward in 2024 (npr) - This is more like a brief overview of common resolutions, but I love that the style of the page is "hand-drawn" over a dot-grid.

What kind of perfectionist are you? Take this 7-question quiz to find out (npr) - I just discovered this, though apparently it was from January 2023. Took the quick quiz and sort of agree, but I don't think I scored high enough in any category to be a specific type. Aren't we all just unique mixes in the end?

Apparently, not "messy" at all. My desk begs to differ.

A Simple Process Post (Muddy Colors) - Spotted some art linework being done with a Pilot fountain pen and Falcon nib! Really want to try that Falcon nib now.

Handwriting Equals Thinking: Or, Why I Use a Paper Planner (Analog Office) - I also write my to-do lists, by hand, in my planner because it's too easy to get lost or distracted when using a phone. I also do my time-tracking by hand because it forces me to reflect on my actions. When I attempted to use a multitude of apps for time tracking, it was easy to just log it and then forget about it. Or even worse, log it in the app and then get distracted by notifications on my phone for an extra half hour. Paper is best!

Dusty Inks on My Shelves (Dime Novel Raven) - A very thorough usage analysis of a personal ink collection and a pretty desk shot! This is tempting me to get an Inkvent calendar - maybe at a discount in late January or early February. Inky surprises and not a bad deal in terms of cost per ml and sheer amount of ink colors. Right now, I have 4 ink bottles (2 unopened) and 3 ink samples, but I think getting into inks would be terribly dangerous for my wallet...


With Love,