Moved to Fridays and More Snow - Logs & Links #7

Snow is hitting it nationwide this week! There's even more snow now than when I took the above photo not too long ago. This is just a measly 3-4 inches. Apparently, my folks living 2,000 miles away are getting 10-16 inches! I've never been one to take photos of my stationery in places other than my desk, but I didn't want this post to be photo-less, and you know what? It's kind of fun!

What I actually wanted to do was take photos of journal spreads, but we'll get to it eventually.

Originally, I had these Logs & Links posts scheduled to be written on Thursdays. Then I realized, for a weekly recap post, shouldn't it be at the end of the week? On a Friday? I think I started with Thursdays because that just happened to be the day of week it began, which is a silly reason and makes no sense. So, Logs & Links will officially be on Fridays now!

What I used this week:

Paper 16 "Morning Pages" written in a "Shooting for the Moon Land on the Stars" Journal

0 Sketchbook pages used (need to schedule a time for this or it's just not gonna happen)

Minimalistic bullet journaling in a Carton Supply grid notebook

Sterling Ink Common Planner Traveler's Notebook Inserts Wanderings Traveler's Notebook Insert for memory keeping

Fountain Pens

Penlux Masterpiece Grande (Fine) with Noodler's Bulletproof Black Ink

Benu Scepter II (Extra Fine) with Pilot Blue Black Ink

Opus 88 Holiday Jazz (Extra Fine) with Private Reserve Midnight Blue Ink 

Wins this week:

Baked the "Big Boy Miche" from Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook. It was delicious. Although, I think I'll stick to sourdough, because then I get two yummy loaves!

Interesting stuff I found:

Reflections on a Year of Journaling (The Pen Addict) - The breakdown of a year of journaling into distinct parts was eye-opening. I realized that I never really thought about each individual part of how I do things in my own journal. It just kinda is what it is. But I think this is a useful exercise, especially when flipping back over a period of time. There are many kinks to work out in my own process, mostly things I wish I could do a little faster. Maybe this will help me find my own journaling pain points.

A Silk Dress from 1888 Contained a Hidden Pocket with Coded Messages. After a Decade, Someone Finally Solved the Mystery (Colossal) - Two of my favorite museum attractions are fashion and basically anything on paper. This is the perfect combination of both, plus some intrigue!

Beginning the New Year with Stillness and Returning to my Creative Self (My Giant Strawberry) - "Take a moment of quiet. Breathe deep. And listen to your heart." The title says it all. I recommend reading her beautiful post (which also has lovely photos).

Diving into Sketchbook Exploration (Muddy Colors) - 90% of what Vanessa lists in this post also works for journaling, Morning Pages (stream of conscious), or any other sort of exploration that comes from your brain and out through your hand.

When You Go Straight Towards Your Kryptonite (Raptitude) - On letting yourself experience things that you may have had a previous bad time with or misconception about and not allowing perpetual avoidance (or fear) subconsciously dictate your decisions.

AI in the Pen Community (The Well-Appointed Desk) - Not a fan. It's not that I think AI doesn't do decent work. It's more that most were trained on artists' work without their knowledge (plenty to google there). I have a lot of love for artists and creatives who create from the heart. For a company that sells to a community who literally writes by hand with their analog products, I would've thought their values would lean the other way.

How Language Shapes Thought (Lera Boroditsky - YouTube) - This is an hour and 40 minutes long, but oh so fascinating. If you have any interest in languages at all, it's worth the listen.


With Love,