In Between Holiday Busyness - Log & Links #2

Dried autumn flowers spotted on a hike through a farm.

It's coming to the end of the year! How are your journals and planners coming along? Are you ready to start the new year? Too soon? I'm getting my new planner as a gift for Christmas, so although it hasn't been physically set up yet, I AM READY. I even printed out planner spreads to pre-plan layouts for when I do actually get my hands on it.

I also noticed that I don't take nearly enough pictures and need to develop a habit of remembering to photograph things so I can share them here. I did get a loupe recently, for my birthday (thank you!), and I realized I can take macro photos on my phone through the loupe lens! It's been fun looking at everything closely.

Here's a sketch I did on the underside of a mushroom that I learned about and got from a lovely lady during a mushroom walk! It's called an Artist's Conk/Conch.

And a close up of the pores through the loupe! Nature is super cool.

We had an extra-long weekend over Thanksgiving with beloved visitors. And we're already preparing for the next round in 2 weeks! The most I've managed in terms of creative pursuits is using my planner and writing some Morning Pages. But I want to do more! How can we find the time and energy to make something through all the busyness? Gotta work out how to carve out the time.

What I used the past two weeks

17 Pages of "Morning Pages"

The holiday season is fun and festive, but it's also a lot of work and I keep getting distracted. Such as with making delicious treats like Glossy Fudge Brownies from Bravetart's book and then eating them, of course. Best brownies I've ever made. It turned out well even with ingredient substitutions. Unfortunately, I discovered that no white sugar = no glossy crust.

Inspiration Gathering


In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (Fin) - Nutrition research is a tough nut to crack. There's so much money in it and the sheer amount of conflict-of -interest is crazy. His food rules are a bit too simplified, but I see where he's coming from. It needs to be easy to remember to be applicable. We just don't know enough about nutrition, even today, let alone when the book was written, to really know what's best for us. His opening note of "eat food, not too much, mostly plants" is likely as good as it can get, for now. Still, I'll keep reading books about food, since it's such a large part of our daily lives and literally goes into our bodies.

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell - Randomly picked up at the library. I remembered there was a movie based on this book, that I've never watched. 18 pages in, not sure how I feel about it so far.


Loki (Season 2 - Fin) - Wait, does any of this tie into the regular MCU?

Jet Lag: The Game (Season 6 - Fin, Started Season 7) - I love this YouTube series! It looks both exhausting and fun!

Our Flag Means Death (Season 1) - 2 episodes in!


Yakuza 0 (Ongoing) - I grew up seeing the Yakuza series in stores, but never knew that it was like watching a Yakuza soap opera, with the silliest side quests.

Wins this week:

Spotted a duck couple during our post-picnic walk. The mist rising off the water was... mystifying (aha!) and eerily beautiful.

Many household errands got done last week. Most of them were one-off tasks. Hopefully that means they'll never reoccur again, and we get more time for creative pursuits. Also had a picnic, a tea party, and went to an art show. Filling up that proverbial cup!

Interesting stuff I found:

Snowglobe Christmas Stamps (USPS) by artist Gregory Manchess - I have the previous ones by Mr. Manchess, "Snowy Beauty," which are flowers in snow!

In (Creative) Space with an Odyssey Notebook (DimeNovelRaven) - I mean, technically I guess this is a review, but I enjoyed the thoughts on switching up stationery for a fresh start and anecdotes of how the notebook was used. Plus, they have a beautiful green and gold secretary desk!

Things Left Unsaid at the Inking Demonstration // A.C. (Baum-kuchen) - An answer to the question: "What do you do when you hate drawing something?" Definitely a question I've asked before. Art can be a love/hate relationship sometimes.

Hope and Expectations (Seth Godin) - I sometimes forget that they're not the same!

Expedition vs. Lifestyle (Fueled by Clouds & Coffee) - Interesting observation about urban sketchers. I would've thought that most people were Lifestyle sketches with occasional Expedition sketch outing, but I realized that I don't actually know. In an ideal world, I'd love to be doing both!


With Love,