Imminent Return to Social Media? - Log & Links #3

I haven't been active on any social media platforms in a long time (unless you count YouTube videos in the background). Maybe even well over a year. I miss the community aspects in my beloved stationery/planner/journaling world. But is it worth the time sucking distraction that comes along with it? It's a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, it's fantastic to see what people are doing and making, on the other hand, it feels like I'll end up scrolling on my phone every spare moment of the day. Right now, life's great in my little undigitized, analogue space. But sharing hobbies with people is just so fun. Gosh, I even started this blog!

Regardless, I think if I'm getting that itch, my return to social media is imminent. Dun duun duuuunnnn.

What I used this week

0 of sketchbook/journal pages used. Busy, busy, no time for hobbies. Birthdays and holidays are priority!

24 "Morning" Pages. Seems I had a lot on my mind.

Secret Santa (DIY theme) progress. More on this in the future.

Finished off a Pilot G-2 0.38 pen.

Inspiration Gathering


Julie and Julia by Julie Powell - Halfway through. I... can't really say that I particularly enjoy it. Partially it's because the author writes a very unflattering portrayal of herself - though she stresses in the beginning that some stuff is made up. It's kind of uncomfortable? But I'm really curious as to how her story is portrayed in the movie, which has a 7/10 on IMDB and was nominated for an Oscar. Book first, movie later.


Our Flag Means Death - Finished Season 1. A fun and silly (but well-written) show! I heard that it's actually a parody about an aristocrat who really ran off to become a pirate.

Jet Lag: The Game - Finished Season 7. No spoilers here. Just fun and games!


Yakuza 0 - the story continues. In chapter 10, I think?

Wins this week:

The leaves are an understated gold metallic paint. There are also gold flowers on top and on the sides.

Found a lovely set of desk drawers from the thrift store (ReStore) for $8! It's perfect for most stationery! Unfortunately, it doesn't fit washi rolls upright. It is, however, lengthy enough for long unsharpened pencils and tall sticker sheets, so I'm plenty happy. I already have a spot for it. Just gotta clean it first.

Interesting stuff I found:

I'll be honest, the list is shorter this week because I lost the browser window that had all the tabs open for this section. Lesson learned: make a draft and put it on the list! Worry not, there's always interesting things to be found!

6 Strategies for Learning New Things (When You Have Kids) (Scott H. Young) - This is helpful even if you, like me, don't have kids.

Checking in at Year-End: My Five Most-Used Non-Pen Stationery Items (Gentleman Stationer) - Hmm... what are my most-used non-pen stationery items? Will the drawers above make it to the list at the end of next year? I'm also really tempted to get an hourglass now...

Christmas Island (Susan Branch) - I mentioned in Logs & Links #1 that I discovered author/artist Susan Branch a few weeks ago via the library. Since then, I've been reading her more recent blog posts. It's so sweet and festive. If I were to define the blog in one sentence, it'd be something like "The celebration of life." In her latest post, I learned about Christmas parties, doing planks (at 76!?), the selling of her "paradise" in California, and a related Moving Sale of 20% off. I think fellow memory keeping journalers/scrapbookers would appreciate her style of novels. (The Fairy Tale Girl, Martha's Vineyard Isle of Dreams, A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside). Every page is in full color and illustrated with borders, quotes, photos, etc. I've only read the first book (through the library), but I bought the other two because they were just so beautifully done. Can't wait to read them!


With Love,