Be a Creator, Not a Hoarder

Stack of journals and traveler's notebooks on a secretary desk
A small stack of currently-not-in-use-journals.

Or why start a blog about using what you have? 

It feels a little rebellious to start a blog when every online platform is pivoting to focus on video. Even so, my general preference is for the written word and still images. When I find a good blog, I'll read it chronologically from start to finish, as if it were a book. And gosh, I still miss when Instagram was just static pictures and carousels. So, here we are. Blog it is.

Sometimes, having an analog heart in this digital world is tiring. Some might say that analog methods are inefficient. That they're outdated. 

Despite the fact that my phone can do anything and everything, I'd just rather stare at something real and physical, something substantial. And it's less distracting to create on paper. Maybe what I'm really looking for is focus

However, even after collecting multitudes of fine tools to find that special pleasure you can only get by working with tactile materials, and massive amounts of time spent admiring the completed works of artists and writers who work “traditionally,” somehow, there’s always a reason to not do the work. Other priorities masterfully claim the time.  

Instead, the collection builds until there's no more room on the shelves. It gathers dust while my eyeballs are stuck on whatever digital device and just maybe, I can get a little dribble of that creativity via living vicariously through others. 

Closed french easel
A 3-year-old never used French Easel hiding under my desk. Hopefully to be changed in the near future!

Well, it's time for that to change. We’re now lovingly giving purpose to our stuff! No, I'm not going to stop absorbing digital content, but the hoarding has got to end. It's time to be a consistent creator! Our (beautiful) tools are meant to be used. Please feel free to join me cause we’re going to whittle down that stash and beat perfectionism, one day at a time!

You can expect to see:

  • Creative Journaling, Art, Stationery, and actually using the stuff consistently.
  • Tutorials, when I discover something interesting.
  • Planning (with planners!), pen-paling, and art-making thoughts.
  • Progress Logs (and potentially reviews) of the supplies. 
  • Book reviews of all the How-To books I've accumulated. It's my mission to go through all of them from start to finish. 
  • Behind the Scenes and Works in Progress

Thanks for dropping by and hope you look forward to the next one! 


With Love,